by Frances Troiani

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A dreamer's soundscape, blending colors, sounds, rhythms, ancient rememories, nature's elements, muses, mythologies and the keys to the gates of imagination. Let this mystic sound relax, inspire, and awaken your deepest creative fire.


released 01 May 2011

Frances Troiani: Hammer Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitar and Original Lyrics; Produced, Mixed and Mastered by John Coale, Skytunes Studio, Grass Valley, CA



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Wild Salmon Return

Ooo aaa ooh,

Aka Ata Pele Mong Avinu,

I call upon all of the ancestors
all of the ways that were taught us that we have forgotten
I call upon the mountains and the streams and the fires
In the rivers, in the head and in the heart,
I call upon the birds and the sky and the wind -
The furious seas

I call upon the leaves falling in the autumn,
Destruction and creation, regeneration
Light & darkness
Freedom from confusion:

Where are, all the pieces of the puzzle that you lost?
Sailing like the seagulls returning to the coast
Bringing the ships to safe harbors

The man runs with a spear - in the end, a salmon.
Salmon returning, up the stream
They're climbing the river
As he runs, each step
Is closer to the source of the water

We climb to find
Their love and their beginnings
In the ending

We found the source of Rhiannon
In the queen of spades
Of all the rivers I have ever known or heard of:
Of the Thames, the Seine the Boyne
And the Yuba
The California and Colorado
The Mississippi,
The vast Oceans that Sustain Us
The Nile, the Tigris, the Euphrates,
The Amazon
Lake Tenochtitlan
Lake Titicaca
The Po the Rhine the Tevere
The Aqueducts of Greece, Rome and Turkey
Every Sacred Spring on Earth!

Each waterfall, and every well
Every message of mystery in every drop of dew
And rainy augury
Ooh, of every stream dam pool hot spring,
Cold spring, mineral spring,
Underground Cavernous Watery Mains
Of dew, steam, mist and fog,
Of snow, rain, puddles and sinews,
Cracks of wetness in the midst of the driest desert,
Keep running, keep running!

I call upon the rain...
I call upon memory remembering through
The truth

Oh-- oh oh oh oh oh ooo oo oo oo
Ladadadadada aaaa aa aa ah aaah

See her emerging from the center of the earth
The Great Mother
As the father looks down with teardrops of starlight
We walk in these earth bodies

Oohhh aah aaah
OOhhhh aaa aaa aaah


Running running back to the source of life
Running running back to the source of freedom
Running running back

I take this egg
I plant it in the earth
From it sprout millions of buds into trees
And the birds land on its branches
From all parts of the world.
Track Name: Song Dream
I am stepping on the crisp edges of the dream of last eve -
I created a true abode made of my own song,
It was beautiful, majestic, curious
And I could dance scintillating brilliantly,
Shining into the world from the void.

There is no stillness - or a stillness beyond stillness
In the rhythmic realm of sensation and song
to which I belong.

In my dream within the dream,
The songline connects into circle into almond shape
To show me my purity to bestow strength faith
Magnificence poise and magical flow...

Question not what hinders you, feel it in you
Be in the resolute creation that manifests you!
From the darkness and light, from the dawn
From the illimitable mystery whence we come.

Free and all-powerful with glorious beauty
Thunderbold electricity, I fathom!
Unravelling creations
Blossoming from centers of galaxies

Track Name: Limpida

And I hear your call
like a magic flame
that lighted me
over the magical rivers that
flow through our veins and our souls

There was a moment in time
when everything was so sublime
and I could taste it
were you aware
of this magical being of light

Eye, Aye, Eye can see
that there is some poetry
stemming/stepping down from the arches of creation

Quest'acqua limpida
che ti carezza e che ti ama
come ti puoi immaginare
questo miracolo del mare
cosi limpida
la tua anima

E il tuo corpo pulito dall'acqua
limpida come la sorgente
limpida l'aqua del mare del fiume
cosi limpidaaaa

Oh your body and soul are washed clean
by the water so clear so clear and clean
of the spring and the waterfall and the river

The pristine river that glides inside of your soul
kiss me till your whole
as I wonder
I love your passion
I love me and its a reflection of me:
this beauty...this beauty... aaah
Beau-ty...I, I keep on flying
I feel the inner leanings of presence
oh, presence, you bring me to life!

Presence you bring me to life
in the mother and the archetypes
presence you are my lifeblood you are
my river you are my raft

I can swim across oceans and tides
and rivers across the world
with presence on my side
in side of me like a breeze

Like the tunnel that never leaves
through the cave of..
the tree
Track Name: Free Being

I see that there is nothing to accomplish
But there is only free being out loud
Like the song that I am allowing to float
Out of my heart out of my voice
Like the wind crossing through the trees
I want to love by way of music
Like the seagulls drifting across the ocean
Beckoning us back to shore

A-are you quite certain of those things
that you ever knew are secret
but they are so unfathomably beautiful
that you cannot keep them hiding away for ever
because they are your special gift to the world
to the sunrise of the great sun of the East
and the shining moon and
the butterflies that tickle your soul and
just want to be part of you and me oh yeah!

Feel the waves crashing through you like
the cosmic cycle of the universes symphony,
I want to w/rap the electric thunderbolts of electric chi,

Can you dream for a moment even for a second can you
Even fathom what it's like to be human
having this human experience

Aaaah -- ooo aahh aahh aah aah

aah aah aah aah aah yy aah aah

I watch to see the sun...
Track Name: Awakening
AWAKENING (5th fret -3 chords)


If I had a million dreams
I would dream that all beings be happy
If I had a million dreams I would dream -
That the waterfalls of creation fall on top of your
That the flowers blooming in the spring
Could bring you to Realization
Look at this gift,
If I had one wish,
I'd wish for your Awakening
To the Source of Harmony
Within your Soul
That makes you Whole

Dreaming of the waves crashing
Where the people are struggling
I send them much harmony

For they are rekindling the fire
Of spiritual bliss and infinity
We are all connecting through this
Divine mimicry

If I had amillion dreams
I would dream
Electricity of creation
Would guide you to everything
That your heart may open
Like the sword of everything
Cutting death and silence into creation and Love.